Houses of Benefit Per Noctem Agreement (henceforth known as the AGREEMENT)
dated as of __________________________________ by and among
__________________________________ (the ARTIST)
and __________________________________ (the COMMISSIONER)
in relation to __________________________________ (the WORK)
to be carried out at __________________________________ (the WORKPLACE)
in the period ______________ to ______________ (the DURATION).
The AGREEMENT becomes effective through acceptance of the written order of both parties.

The ARTIST/S hereby agrees to procure and manage own ACCOMMODATION arrangements for the scope and DURATION of the WORK to be undertaken. ACCOMMODATION may consist of commercial, social or wild lodgings, including hotel, pension or B&B; private hosting derived through own friends or networks; off-grid options such as tent, bivy bag, rock shelter; sleeping in trees, trains or bus shelters; from-home commute; or any combination of these or other facilities.
ACCOMMODATION will, in ARTISTS/S' best estimation, provide the minimum elements needed to remain alive and in physical/mental condition appropriate to the specific labour of producing the WORK.
COMMISSIONER will, on receipt of the signed AGREEMENT, provide the sum of ________________ in the form of a per noctem (the PER NOCTEM). This follows the logic of the per diem (sustenance without itemisation) and is calculated and agreed in advance in relation to the WORK DURATION; prevailing real estate values (comparative cost of hotel in proximity to the WORKPLACE); and COMMISSIONER'S available resources. It will be paid direct to the ARTIST/S on completion of the WORK (the CHECKOUT), as a flat rate.
This signed AGREEMENT has been pre-approved as an acceptable accommodation receipt for COMMISSIONER'S bookkeeping, therefore no further receiptwork will be requested or required. The actual dispersion of PER NOCTEM is at ARTIST/S's own discretion, IE. this data will not be collected for harvest.
This signed AGREEEMENT is part of a suite of protocols and applications being developed by HOUSES OF BENEFIT for managing diverse amenities of hospitality, catering, sports and survival in the cultural realm. These applications are released as open source under the GNU/GPL and can be transferred to other locations/situations.