feraltrade courier: dispatch information shipment 2471

STATUS: delivered 20/11/18
GOODS:olive oil Retamar
Quantity: 30 units at bottle each
From: Olive Mill Retamar in Extremadura, Spain
To: Feral Trade in Bristol, UK
Sender: Juan Miguel Retamar
Receiver: kate rich
Requested: to ship between 20/09/18 and 01/11/18
REMARKS: Microcargo 30 boxes of 3x5L olive oil, scheudled to sail direct from Porto to Bristol Harbour with Sail Cargo Alliance ship the Bessie Ellen. Due to bad weather on the Bay of Biscay the ship diverted to Fowey, Cornwall for repairs, and vans scrambled to haul cargo to Bristol by road.
DOCS: shipping facts
MORE INFORMATION:see waybill for transit information