feraltrade courier: dispatch information shipment 2098

STATUS: delivered 24/02/16
Quantity: 1 units at bottle each
From: Cube Microplex in Bristol, UK
To: Publication Studio in Hudson, USA
Sender: kate rich
Receiver: Patrick Kiley
Requested: to ship between 06/05/15 and 07/12/15
REMARKS: 24/2/16 slowest feral trade shipment ever successfully delivered door 2 door! cola departed bristol 7/5/15 with touring musician stelth ulvang, via london where it was speculatively depoted at V&A museum. onward shipping transatlantic booked with travelling curator V&A to MET museum NYC, however due to dropped communications concentrate then flew back V&A on curator's return. subsequently retrieved by persistent trader & reflown in suitcase via berlin, bristol, london again & 3rd atlantic crossing to land at the environmental health clinic at NYU, where semi-chance encounter with a data visualiser triggered speed delivery to hudson by car the following day.
DOCS: shipping facts
MORE INFORMATION:see waybill for transit information
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