feraltrade courier: dispatch information shipment 1638

STATUS: delivered 07/02/12
GOODS:svaneti salt
Quantity: 5 units at bag each
From: Zugdidi in Mingrella, Georgia
To: Feral Trade in Bristol, UK
Sender: Rose White
Receiver: kate rich
Requested: to ship between 04/02/12 and 09/02/12
REMARKS: Salt couriered in along with home-bottled t'k'email and pomodori sauces, and jarred roasted chillies from the Sabakhtarashvili family home, by Rose White, teaching in English for the season in Zugdidi for Teach and Learn Georgia (TLG). Rose was flown back to UK for just 4 days by Bristol Crown Prosecution Service to testify in a court case for which she was eventually not called.
DOCS: shipping facts
MORE INFORMATION:see waybill for transit information
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