feraltrade courier: dispatch information shipment 1635

STATUS: delivered 15/06/12
Quantity: 2 units at bottle each
From: FoAM in Brussels, Belgium
To: École supérieure des arts décoratifs in Strasbourg, France
Sender: kate rich
Receiver: Kaya Tasman
Shipment history: Onward transit of FER-1646 from STUK ARR Constant 28 February 2012 (view shipment history)
Requested: to ship between 02/02/12 and 29/02/12
REMARKS: Paid in cash (euros) at transmediale for 2 bags COFFEE SAN RAMON scheduled for direct handover february 20th in Brussels however due to customer oversleeping the coffee returned to UK. 2x CUBE-COLA concentrates supplied as substitute, awaits customer-pickup from CONSTANT VARIABLE, Brussels where a number of concentrates are stored.
DOCS: shipping facts
MORE INFORMATION:see waybill for transit information
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