feraltrade courier: dispatch information shipment 1405

STATUS: delivered 13/06/08
Quantity: 2 units at bottle each
From: Cube Microplex in Bristol, UK
To: Ambush cinema in Woodbridge, UK
Sender: kayle brandon
Receiver: tall james
Shipment history: Onward transit of FER-1364 from Star and Shadow ARR Cube Microplex 12 November 2007 (view shipment history)
Requested: to ship between 10/06/08 and 13/06/08
REMARKS: Kayle Brandon is in the habit of keeping a bottle of cola concentrate in her hand bag and in place of frequent residence Hall farm road. Kayle brandon left cube cola concentrate on a bookshelf in the upstairs bedroom of Hall farm for Lydia Guthrie (the Ambush Cinema cook) to collect.
DOCS: shipping facts
MORE INFORMATION:see waybill for transit information
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