feraltrade courier: dispatch information shipment 1323

STATUS: delivered 09/06/07
Quantity: 6 units at bottle each
From: Cube Microplex in Bristol, UK
To: Unlimited Liability in Hamburg, Germany
Sender: Cube-Cola
Receiver: Michel Chevalier
Requested: to ship between 10/05/07 and 06/06/07
REMARKS: An extension of the target: autonopop exhibition/workshop/concert/debate series, "unlimited liability" is a store which sells artists multiples for 30 euros and less: stickers, DVDs, CDs, posters, zines, t-shirts, buttons, food, services, and works whose form is to be determined in the course of exchange with the purchaser. The only media excluded are painting and drawing. What makes the project different from multiples-shops and "affordable art" fairs is that it attempts to take the democratization-of-art project into as-yet untested waters. The DIY approach of alternative production/distribution is protected by a firewall against cooptation. This is done by a legal contract which stipulates that no purchaser may have more than 50,000 euros in assets, subject to penalty in case of false disclosure. The art-gallery world partition of audiences - those who merely "appropriate symbolically" on the one side, "real buyers" on the other - thereby inverted. Those able to buy at "unlimited liability" belong to social groups excluded (due to their insufficient ressouces) from buying on the art market. This state of affairs is "shown" as much as the works on sale. 9 June to 13 August 2007.
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