feral trade olive oil Retamar
from Olive Mill Retamar Extremadura, Spain
Extra virgin oil from centenarian olive groves in Extremadura, produced by the Retemar family over generations. Introduced to Feral Trade by a friend of the producer visiting Bristol to improve his spoken English. ferally traded since: 07/06/13.
Feral Trade Bristol, UK to 37 Looe Street Plymouth, UK
dispatched 12/04/21 delivered 12/04/21
olive oil Retamar shipment FER-2564
REMARKS: 2x bottle delivery for feral MBA-Succession team, plymouth nov 2020, Assistant Carmen Wong & Venue 37 Looe Street
QTY: 2 units at bottle each
FROM: Feral Trade in Bristol, UK
TO: 37 Looe Street in Plymouth, UK
SENDER:kate rich
RECEIVER: Angela Piccini
REQUESTED: to ship between 30/11/20 and 30/12/20
STATUS: delivered 37 Looe Street 12/04/21
MAP route map
COURIER: Bessie Ellen  Angela Piccini 
TOTAL ROUTE:  Olive Mill Retamar-Afurada port-Fowey port-Feral Trade--37 Looe Street
olive oil Retamar Feral Trade to 37 Looe Street
Shipping Facts
FER-2471 import purchase & freight
30 x olive oil Retamar 5Lgrossper 5L
30 x 5L olive oil at 23 euros per bottle GBP to EUR rate of 1.123 £614.77 £20.49
road transport extremadura- porto, relative high price due to the small quantity order 58 euros £52 £1.73
Transferwise fee £3.13 £0.10
Sea transport with the Bessie Ellen sailig ketch, Porto to Fowey, 60p per mile per ton £116.6 £3.89
Shipping Report FER-2564
onward transit of FER-2471 from Olive Mill Retamar arrived Feral Trade 2018-11-20
olive oil Retamar transit: Olive Mill Retamar to Feral Trade
freight and handling olive oil Retamar to 37 Looe Street sponsored by
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