feral trade coffee El Volador
from Finca El Volador Coatapec, Mexico
Coffee farmed by Álvaro Soberanes at sky high altitude of 1500m, under old growth leguminous trees which pump nitrogen back into the soil, nothing more needs to be added. The farm is called El Volador which means the Flying One. The Cerro de la Campana area near Coatepec, Veracruz provides almost perfect conditions for coffee growing, producing one of the best coffees in Mexico if not the World. ferally traded since: 22/11/12.
Feral Trade Bristol, UK to Pobblebonk Victoria, Australia
dispatched 17/12/19 delivered 17/12/19
coffee El Volador shipment FER-2559
REMARKS: host stock
QTY: 1 units at bag each
FROM: Feral Trade in Bristol, UK
TO: Pobblebonk in Victoria, Australia
SENDER:kate rich
RECEIVER: Julian and Judi
REQUESTED: to ship between 09/10/19 and 09/12/19
STATUS: delivered Pobblebonk 17/12/19
MAP route map
COURIER: Alvaro Soberanes  tres guerras ground transport  Solori Forwarding  ALDEBARAN container ship  JAG-UFS  kate rich  kate rich 
TOTAL ROUTE:  Finca El Volador-Veracruz Port-Southhampton Port-Coffee Compass roasters-Feral Trade-Bristol bus station-London Heathrow Airport-LAX Los Angeles airport-jennadidier.com-Melbourne Tullamarine Airport-Amess St-Parliament station-Lilydale Station--Pobblebonk

coffee El Volador Feral Trade to Pobblebonk 1. coffee to pobblebonk 1 2. coffee to pobblebonk 2 3. coffee to pobblebonk 3 4. julian zac judi coffee delivered 2019
Shipping Facts
FER-2062 import purchase & freight
672 x coffee El Volador 500g baggrossper 500g bag
Price paid to farmer for 420 KG green coffee beans 41,300 MXN at 25 MXN to GBP £1622 £2.41
Transport from Xalapa to Veracruz, 1,600 MXN £65 £0.10
Export permissions, 7,000 MXN £285 £0.42
Fitosanitary permissions 1,500 MXN £61 £0.09
Customs Veracruz 350 USD at 1.43 USD to GBP, a payment made right side of the Brexit referendum June 23rd, after which pound plunged to $1.31, £245 £0.36
Shipping Veracruz to Felixstowe with SFW (Solari Forwarding) 502.70 USD £352 £0.52
Customs clearance uk £35 £0.05
Terminal handling, Felixstowe port £107.6 £0.16
Customs inspection, Felixstowe, when consignment was selected for inspection by Port Health £104.59 £0.16
Handover fee to UK agent JAGFS £75 £0.11
Documentation fee to JAGFS £50 £0.07
HMC entry levy £16.7 £0.02
Port security fee £6.5 £0.01
Delivery by road fom port to roaster Coffee Compass in Littlehampton £102 £0.15
Coffee Compass roasting at £2.40 per kg green beans £1008 £1.50
Road transport roaster to feraltrade at £7.80 per 20.5KG roasted coffee £128 £0.19
Metalised coffee bags at 36p+ VAT £241.92 £0.36
Shipping Report FER-2559
onward transit of FER-2062 from Finca El Volador arrived Feral Trade 2016-07-26
Alvaro Soberanes Date: Sat, 20 Feb 2016 14:51:52 -0600 From: Álvaro Soberanes Subject: Re: news please! Hello Kate, I have a quotation for shipment, but there are details to change: is about 550 usd. (LCL. Cafe . VOL. 1.87m3 // 420 KGS) (with soher again) This don´t include transport from Xalapa to veracruz port. I will use tres guerras trasnport, the quoted 2000 pesos (100 usd aprox) I´m waiting for custom agents´s prices. (with beristain again) Permisions for export are on the way (2 ministry of agriculture and 1 tresury-customs), and then i´ll calculate coffee price with accuracy. Almost there.
kate rich Lost contact with farmer while coffee on its multi-week journey from port of Veracuz MEX to Southampton UK via Hamburg, in the dutch registered container ship ALDEBARAN https://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais/details/ships/245882000. Veracruz shipping agents SFW luckily supplied the missing paperwork although a mini bureaucratic panic ensued when the ALDEBARAN docked 10 days before expected in Felixstowe, perhaps due to a speed trans-shipment in Hamburg, with trader still lacking the commercial invoice required for customs clearance UK side despite supplying phytosanitary certificate, certificate of origin, export declaration, bill of lading & maritime instructions card. Fortunately the invoice documentation arrived with speed from the forwarder SFW in Mexico, only for trader to be advised that the shipment was being held by Port Health for unknown inspection, which was done of course at the trader's expense of £104.59. After Port Health release the shipment then jumped through a mindwarp of bureacratic hoops due to technicalities in the documents (forwarder error), draft document only of the HBL waybill supplied (forwarder refused to update, then relented) & news from Hamburg that forwarder had put the whole shipment on hold complaining of incomplete payment. A 29-email exchange with UK freight agent JAGFS helped unravel the crazed train of supply. Eventually trader texted the farmer in Mexico & all was mysteriously resolved, coffee trucked to the roaster Coffee Compass in Littlehampton on July 20th.
coffee El Volador transit: Finca El Volador to Feral Trade
freight and handling coffee El Volador to Pobblebonk sponsored by
FERALTRADE products passed by hand. The word 'feral' describes a process that is deliberately wild, as in pigeon, as opposed to nature wild (wolf). Feral Trade freight operates largely outside commercial channels, using the surplus potential of social, cultural and data networks for the distribution of goods. contact kate@feraltrade.org