feral trade Cube-Cola
Open source cola, wildcrafted in Bristol UK since 2004, a production process merging domestic and scientific methodology. 1x (LG) 56ml cola concentrate yields approximately 14L Cube-Cola. http://cube-cola.org. ferally traded since: 15/06/06.
Cube Microplex Bristol, UK to Cube Microplex Bristol, UK
dispatched 16/10/19 delivered 16/10/19
Cube-Cola shipment FER-2557
REMARKS: restock
QTY: 6 units at bottle each
FROM: Cube Microplex in Bristol, UK
TO: Cube Microplex in Bristol, UK
RECEIVER: Cube Microplex
REQUESTED: to ship between 16/10/19 and 16/10/19
STATUS: delivered Cube Microplex 16/10/19
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COURIER: kate rich 
TOTAL ROUTE:  Cube Microplex--Cube Microplex
Cube-Cola Cube Microplex to Cube Microplex
Shipping Facts
FER-2557 import purchase & freight
6 x Cube-Cola bottlegrossper bottle
Shipping Report FER-2557
freight and handling Cube-Cola to Cube Microplex sponsored by
FERALTRADE products passed by hand. The word 'feral' describes a process that is deliberately wild, as in pigeon, as opposed to nature wild (wolf). Feral Trade freight operates largely outside commercial channels, using the surplus potential of social, cultural and data networks for the distribution of goods. contact kate@feraltrade.org