feral trade olive oil Retamar
from Olive Mill Retamar Extremadura, Spain
Extra virgin oil from centenarian olive groves in Extremadura, produced by the Retemar family over generations. Introduced to Feral Trade by a friend of the producer visiting Bristol to improve his spoken English. ferally traded since: 07/06/13.
Feral Trade Bristol, UK to Gainsborough Wharf Ltd Bristol, UK
dispatched 09/10/19 delivered 09/10/19
olive oil Retamar shipment FER-2552
REMARKS: seaons stock-up
QTY: 8 units at bottle each
FROM: Feral Trade in Bristol, UK
TO: Gainsborough Wharf Ltd in Bristol, UK
SENDER:kate rich
RECEIVER: Henry Palmer
REQUESTED: to ship between 03/10/19 and 09/10/19
STATUS: delivered Gainsborough Wharf Ltd 09/10/19
MAP route map
COURIER: Nordlys  Anton Mann  kate rich  Tony Cardew 
TOTAL ROUTE:  Olive Mill Retamar-Porto port-Nordlys-Fowey port-Feral Trade--Gainsborough Wharf Ltd
olive oil Retamar Feral Trade to Gainsborough Wharf Ltd
Shipping Facts
FER-2349 import purchase & freight
90 x olive oil Retamar 5Lgrossper 5L
Euro 2,025 paid to producer Juan Miguel Retamar for 450L olive oil at 4.50 euro/L a non-negligible price rise on last years shipment due to Europe-wide low levels of production producing less quantity of good quality oil. Exchange rate of 1.10960 reflects UK pound BREXIT battering & possiby a sign of things to come £1825 £20.28
Road transport, Olive Mill Retamar, Extremadura, to Nordlys Ship, Porto £68.11 £0.76
Transferwise fee £9.47 £0.11
Sail shipping with Nordlys at 1 euro per litre £410 £4.56
Road transport UK, hitchhiking with 14 pallets of Xisto wines £54 £0.60
Shipping Report FER-2552
onward transit of FER-2349 from Olive Mill Retamar arrived Feral Trade 2017-10-21
Anton Mann Hi Kate.. Sorry slow getting back ...literally I'm told your oil is in the warehouse in Porto We will be there Monday am .We plan to get a truck and get cargo to ship and load tomorrow at high water .. The ship had to move to another location opposite bank. My friend I'm staying with lives on the opposite side so it is sort of working out
kate rich The engineless ship Nordlys arrived in the port of Fowey, Cornwall, on Oct 12th, missing the annual Sail Cargo Alliance meeting by 4 days, & laden with 14 crates of wine and mixed goods for Xisto Wines, olive oil for New Dawn Traders and the Feral Trade olive oil, 3x bottles of which were pre-sold quayside to Bessie Ellen and Nordlys ships cooks. Anton from Xisto mustered 4 trucks to transport the cargo up to Bristol on the Monday 16th, coinciding exactly with Hurricane Ophelia. As 7m swells caused the Nordlys to be tugged out of harbour to the safety of the open sea, a cargo tender was rustled together out of a small boat with added plywood for high-sided protection from the wilder waves. Cargo eventually ferried ashore and unloaded at the jetty of a nearby campsite from where the trucks were able to load. Transported by road to Xisto Wines' lockup in Bristol, and delivered to Feral Trade in 2x carloads on the friday & saturday of that week.
olive oil Retamar transit: Olive Mill Retamar to Feral Trade
freight and handling olive oil Retamar to Gainsborough Wharf Ltd sponsored by
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