feral trade agave el Coyul
Produced in Yautapec, 3 hours drive from Oaxaca city, a home business of 4 uncles and 3 cousins. The swifter growing agave plants are harvested when they reach 150kg, cleaned and cooked in a wood fired oven under volcanic rocks for 2-3 days. No heat is added after initial firing, you have to have an eye for it. 800L per month produced and sold at markets, via mobile phone and word of mouth; delivered to Feral Trade in plastic shipping flagons for rebottling into glass in the UK. Shelf life 2 years, or 4 in cold dark climates. ferally traded since: 20/11/12.
El Coyul Oaxaca, Mexico to Feral Trade Bristol, UK
dispatched 20/11/12 delivered 30/11/12
agave el Coyul shipment FER-1712
REMARKS: Home-manufactured agave syrup enroute to uk, for metabolic testing against a host of industrial competitors. Inclusion in the Cube-Cola recipe http://cube-cola.org is definitely on the menu.
QTY: 10 units at bottle each
FROM: El Coyul in Oaxaca, Mexico
TO: Feral Trade in Bristol, UK
SENDER:Edgar Hernandez
RECEIVER: kate rich
REQUESTED: to ship between 16/11/12 and 30/11/12
STATUS: delivered Feral Trade 30/11/12
MAP route map
COURIER: kate rich  Edgar Hernandez  minerva cuevas  Dorota Prymek  Jaime Boyso 
TOTAL ROUTE:  El Coyul-guesthouse Maria-Oaxaca bus station-Puebla bus station-Cholula-Mexico TAPO bus station-Mejor Vida Corporation-Mexico City Benito Juarez airport-Newark Liberty airport-London Heathrow Airport-Bristol bus station--Feral Trade

agave el Coyul El Coyul to Feral Trade 1. edgar hernandez miel de agave negotiations 2. phone shows miel de agave production 3. miel de agave rebottled plastic 4. cash for agave 5. cube-cola agave sugar cross tasting 6. cube-cola tasting ethnobotannical gardens oaxaca 7. agave delivered ducrow court kitchen 8. agave rebottled into glass ducrow court
Shipping Facts
FER-1712 import purchase & freight
10 x agave el Coyul bottlegrossper bottle
Courier Report FER-1712 DISPATCHED: 20/11/12 DELIVERED: 30/11/12 kate rich Met Miel de Coyul producer Edgar Hernandez at Café Café coffee shop downtown Oaxaca, with Los Angeleno Miguel Ramos (stopping over in Oaxaca mid group bike ride from LA to Guatemala) in tow as translator. Local musician Huemac Olivares who uses the agave plant as a musical instrument had recommended the Miel de Coyul production. A transaction for the following week was agreed, Edgar works in Oaxaca but commutes back his family home in Yautapec 3 hours away for the agave production. Following week the agave - packed specifically for feral transport in plastic bottles with tape-sealed lids to foil any liquids inspection exiting Mexico airport - was delivered from Edgar's car boot outside my guesthouse residence. One bottle then travelled to the Oaxaca ethnobotannical gardens for a competitive sugar VS agave cube-cola public taste test, which agave won thumbs up. Final transportation to Bristol via bus, metro, taxi and plane, where it was returned to glass containers for storage.
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