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Waybill Dispatch
25/09/14 3 mixed goods from Feral Trade to katie and kims kitchen. 1 KG jar honey and 2 KG...     FER-2001.html
22/09/12 1 mixed goods from Eyelevel Gallery to WWTWO. pesto for microculture sandwiches. travelling with FER-1699...     FER-1702.html
23/08/12 1 mixed goods from European Permaculture Convergence to Eyelevel Gallery. Taking advantage of a rare west-east passage...     FER-1688.html
10/03/10 2 mixed goods from usa to Tyneside Cinema. travelling with Megan Prelinger en route to...     FER-1544.html
28/02/10 1 mixed goods from Souk El Tayeb to Tyneside Cinema. For the Feral Trade Café menu at...     FER-1511.html
06/07/09 1 mixed goods from Khoukhate to HTTP gallery. travelling with 18x watermelon jelly (FER-1503) and...     FER-1504.html
13/06/09 1 mixed goods from Brussels to HTTP gallery.     FER-1494.html
25/04/09 1 mixed goods from Toronto airport to Cube Microplex. gift in return for server management services...     FER-1478.html
19/02/09 1 mixed goods from Arnolfini to West 29th Street. transport from arnolfini supertoys exhibition, bristol back...     FER-1474.html
18/02/09 1 mixed goods from Cube Microplex to Materials & Applications.     FER-1475.html
20/01/09 1 mixed goods from Feral Trade to FoAM.     FER-1452.html
12/01/09 1 mixed goods from Interactive Institute to FoAM. Warbergs löksill and äpple/currysill prepared herrings, knäcke...     FER-1457.html
12/01/09 1 mixed goods from Intermedia to FoAM. Caramelised brown cheese, tØrrfisk dried fish, linie...     FER-1458.html
12/01/09 1 mixed goods from Kibla to FoAM. Slovenian pumpkin oil, walnut cake, tune paté,...     FER-1459.html
12/01/09 1 mixed goods from Times Up to FoAM. Kletzenbrot fruit loaf, Williamsbrand pear brandy ...     FER-1460.html
11/01/09 1 mixed goods from Nadine to FoAM. Spiced salt, Belgian apple juice ...     FER-1465.html
08/01/09 1 mixed goods from FoAM Lithuania to FoAM. Smoked cheese, cumin cheese, black bread. ...     FER-1456.html
24/12/08 1 mixed goods from Pula Rakija Lab to FoAM. Truffles, istrian pasta, paprika powder, fig paste,...     FER-1455.html
22/11/08 3 mixed goods from FoAM to FoAM. feral hamper xmas 08, for FoAM distribution....     FER-1453.html